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Work with Victims

Victim liaison officers from Norfolk & Suffolk Probation Trust work with victims of sexual and violent offenders sent to prison for 12 months or more.

They keep victims informed about the offender's sentence and listen to their views on proposed conditions relating to the offender's release from prison.

Victims are consulted about any special victim protection arrangements included in the offender's release licence. Victim liaison officers receive and act upon information from victims and their families about any breaches of these conditions.

Victims should hear from our victim liaison officers within eight weeks of the offender being sentenced at court. Victims' involvement with us is voluntary.

Women's Safety Workers from Norfolk & Suffolk Probation Trust work with women victims of offenders ordered to do the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP).

The Women's Safety Worker helps women victims and any children to access full support, advice and assistance from other relevant organisations, to ensure they are safe. Victims are given regular updates about how the offender is progressing on the programme and asked for feedback about his behaviour at regular intervals, including when the programme is over.

More information about the Victim Liaison Service is available in this leaflet: